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Family Crafted Flavors since 1864

Richly flavored elixirs and more developed over 5 generations

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22 Flavors & Counting

An essential for every bartender’s spice rack, Fee Brothers Bitters transform the ordinary into extraordinary, adding depth and complexity for masterful mixology.

From Aztec Chocolate to Whiskey Barrel Aged, Fee Brothers offer a wide variety of Bitters to elevate your cocktail experience.

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Fee Foam®

No Eggs, No Problem

Just two dashes before shaking and your cocktail creation will have that smooth and silky foam that is so visually appealing. Our Fee Foam does not contain egg or egg products and is taste neutral.

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Flavor Syrups

Over 50 flavors to try
Fee Brothers has an amazing array of cordial syrups with an impressive variety of uses. Use our flavor syrups in cocktails and mocktails, coffee, cocoa, smoothies, milkshakes, baking, cake frosting, salad dressings, sauces, and more!
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Savory or sweet, AM or PM, cocktail or mocktail, Fee Brothers has

More Flavors to Transform Your Drinks

Get Inspired With New Recipes

Spins on classics and novel concoctions for seasoned bartenders and home mixologists alike.

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Unique & fresh addition to savory cocktails

Celery Bitters

Crafted with subtle background flavors of garlic and ginger, our Celery Bitters are the perfect addition to elevate Bloody Marys and other savory cocktails, enhancing their depth. Add some nuance behind your bar with the bright unique flavor notes of a crisp celery stalk with Fee Brother’s Celery Bitters.