Fee Brothers Featured in Mountain Home

Ten years of business is impressive in the food and beverage marketplace. 160 years? That kind of fortitude is definitely worth celebrating.

Mountain Home, a monthly magazine published in Pennsylvania and the Finger Lakes, recently shared an article focused on the longevity of Fee Brothers.

A Little Fortitude in Every Bottle, written by Ann Duckett for Mountain Home, honors our ingenuity and grit. As Ann says, “From Prohibition to the pandemic, perseverance has paid off for 160 years.”

Along with the history of Fee Brothers, from Prohibition to current day, the article also touches on the recipe for one of our most iconic products, Bitters. As CEO Jon Spacher shares within, “A unique detail from the past that provides for an interesting present-day fact: most bitters are made with alcohol spirits as the base. Since the base for our bitters is vegetable glycerin, we were the only US bitters company to survive the Prohibition.”

The non-alcoholic value of Fee Brothers Bitters remains the same today. Jon says, “As we kept to the same recipe, we are now the favorite bitters of those who enjoy non-alcohol drinks. There is a little bit of alcohol essence (not alcohol spirits) in the flavorings, just like vanilla extract has alcohol essence.”

In addition to the depth that Bitters provide cocktails, they are also extremely versatile in other applications. The article notes:

“Should you have a surplus, get creative. Use them to the bitter end in myriad ways, depending on what you’ve got on hand. Fold into ice cream or milkshakes, whip into heavy cream, swirl into coffee or hot chocolate. Add a couple dashes to fruit salad, substitute for extracts like vanilla or almond in your baking recipes (frostings, too), or lavish liberally as you like to enhance dishes.”

To read the full article, complete with a recipe for an Oaxaca Old Fashioned with Fee Brothers Turkish tobacco bitters, visit

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