Holy Mole: Bartenders Love Fee Brothers’ New Bitters Flavor

NEW YORK (October 31) – Fee Brothers announced its newest product today, Mole Bitters, citing customer demand for this, the third new flavor launched in 2023. Mole Bitters is the latest in a long line of impressive flavors from the brand, which is approaching its 160th year in business. Mole Bitters derive their sumptuous flavors from cacao fruit juice, imparting delightful hints of coffee and clove, alongside a gentle, warming heat.

“Bartenders and mixologists told us that the number one thing we could do for them was develop new flavors,“ added Jon Spacher, CEO of Fee Brothers. “In a world full of RTD beverages, our audiences are embracing the slow, layered, and nuanced flavors of a carefully crafted cocktail.”

Mole Bitters are groundbreaking for Fee Brothers, this is the first product with upcycled ingredients. “What sets this product apart is its pioneering approach to sustainability with upcycled ingredients – cacao fruit juice,” said Fee Brothers COO Benn Spacher. “This marks a significant milestone for Fee Brothers, offering eco-conscious mixologists a flavorful choice to elevate their craft cocktails.”

The Fee Brothers Mole Bitters use cacao fruit juice, sourced from Ecuadorian farmers. “Through a partnership with Xo’ca, Upcycled Foods, Inc. sources cacao fruit from a group of farms in Ecuador, ” said Dan Kurzrock, Upcycled Foods, Inc. CEO. “These cacao farmers were previously only able to sell the seeds for the chocolate market, with the flavorful fruit’s pulp ending up in food waste streams. The fruit has enormous potential as an upcycled ingredient and we are honored to work with Fee Brothers to create their Mole Bitters to create a positive impact for these farmers, their communities, and the planet.”

Earlier this year, Fee Brothers announced it has secured gluten-free, vegan, and kosher certifications for nearly all of its products across Bitters, Cordial Syrups, Cocktail Mixes, Botanical Waters, and Brines. New Bitters flavors launched this year have included Mole, Turkish Tobacco, and Habanero, which were developed in direct response to customer outreach.

Fee Brothers Mole Bitters will begin shipping within the U.S. as of November 1, 2023, in a 5 oz format. International orders will begin shipping in 2024. For more information on Fee Brothers Bitters and other products, visit our Products page.

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