Fee Brothers at Bar Convent Brooklyn: A Deep Dive into Craft and Innovation

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Bar Convent Brooklyn (BCB) 2024 was a whirlwind of innovation, networking, and inspiration! Fee Brothers showcased our extensive range of premium bitters, syrups, and innovative products, at the trade-only event, aspiring to leave a lasting impression on attendees from around the globe.

Bar Convent Brooklyn is the premier gathering exclusively for bar and beverage industry professionals. 

For those hoping to inspire and be inspired, Bar Convent Brooklyn is the hottest ticket in town to discover new trends, techniques, and products within the craft spirits and mixers world. The event is renowned for its comprehensive education program, featuring live demonstrations, informal presentations, and insightful conversations with leading mixologists in the field.

IMG 4366The event brings together a lively mix of industry folks like bartenders, bar owners, beverage directors, distributors, and restaurant managers. It’s a great scene for networking and learning, making it the perfect spot to connect with others in the hospitality industry and share insights into flavor, trends, and consumption.

A golden opportunity to connect with peers, gain insights into emerging trends, and showcase our latest innovations. 

We can confidently say that Fee Brothers’ presence at BCB 2024 was marked by enthusiasm and discovery. One of the standout moments was the overwhelmingly positive reception to our Olive Brine, which features a new recipe and packaging. Attendees praised the Brine’s authenticity and convenience, suggesting it could totally change the way mixologists make cocktails.

IMG 4369We were thrilled to see people from all over the world stopping by the Fee Brothers booth! It really shows how much our brand is loved internationally. We had some fantastic chats, from folks sharing how much they love our products to swapping tips on how to use them best. It’s moments like these that make us proud of our dedication to connecting with and educating our customers.

For the event, we brought along a wide range of Syrups, Brines, and Bitters from our product roster, including Rhubarb, Cherry, Black Walnut, Aztec Chocolate, and the beloved Old Fashion Aromatic Bitters. Of course, we also had our newest Bitters flavors on hand, too. Turkish Tobacco, Mole, and Habanero all garnered significant attention, though we quickly learned to save that Habanero heat as the final sample. A little goes a long way!

We loved seeing the fanfare for our Fee Foam, too. A few mixologists shared their own tips, like adding it to espresso martinis for a luxurious, velvety finish. They loved how versatile Fee Foam is, saying it’s an awesome alternative to egg whites and how it works great in all sorts of drink recipes.

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Among the fans of Fee Brothers, we ran into many of our distributors, including our friends from the Monarq Group, and quite a few folks we’ve collaborated with in the past, like Paloma Alos and Simon Difford from Difford’s Guide. We also put faces to names for many of the influencers and mixologists we follow on Instagram.

As our CEO, Jon Spacher, noted, Bar Convent Brooklyn was really a place to see and be seen, one in which we were proud to represent the Fee Brothers brand. “It’s always great to reconnect with friends in the industry – and to say thank you to the customers and mixologists who choose Fee Brothers! It’s great to see the evolving brands, new flavor profiles, and marketing ingenuity.  Connecting with industry experts and authors always lends perspective to Fee Brothers’ role in the industry.”

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From innovative product launches to insightful conversations, Bar Convent Brooklyn reinforced our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Since our founding in 1864, Fee Brothers has been an iconic name synonymous with quality, innovation, and a commitment to unparalleled flavor experiences. As we continue to push boundaries and expand our product offerings, we hope to ensure Fee Brothers remains a cornerstone for mixologists, distributors, and hospitality professionals worldwide.  

With Bar Convent Berlin already on the horizon, we promise it will be another exciting chapter in Fee Brothers’ journey of craft and innovation. As Jon says, “BCBs encourage us to do more.  These events assure us that we are a known entity in a robust, engaging industry – and that’s a very humbling thing that is a call to action for continued excellence.”

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