New Flavor: Turkish Tobacco Bitters

NEW YORK (April 27) – Fee Brothers announced its newest product today, Turkish Tobacco Bitters. This is the first new product announcement for 2023 and the latest in a long line of impressive flavors from the brand, which has been in operation since 1864. Turkish Tobacco Bitters brings a depth of flavor to your classic cocktail, with the richness reminiscent of sun-cured tobacco and hints of coffee, clove, and nutmeg.

Bitters are used to add both balance and complexity to the flavor of a beverage. “Turkish Tobacco layers a unique earthy and savory flavor into a cocktail,” said Jon Spacher, CEO of Fee Brothers. “I’m an Old Fashioned fan myself, and using Turkish Tobacco Bitters heightens the drink in a way that exceeds my expectations.”

In addition to bourbon cocktails, the hints of spice in Turkish Tobacco create depth in drinks with Mezcal, rum, or cognac. “The feedback we got from bartenders and mixologists around the world was that they want more of our Bitters and they love our wide range of flavors,” said Fee Brothers’ Product Development & QA Manager, Justin F. Marcus, who also developed the additional flavors being released later this year. “While there is no actual tobacco in the Turkish Tobacco Bitters, we’ve incorporated natural flavors and ingredients to capture the warmth, acridity, and herbaceousness of the plant. We’re getting very positive reactions from those who have tried it so far.”

Alongside the introduction of Turkish Tobacco, Fee Brothers have also secured gluten-free, vegan, and kosher certifications for nearly all of its products across Bitters, Cordial Syrups, Cocktail Mixes, Botanical Waters, and Brines. “If it’s important to our dedicated bartenders and home mixologists, we listen,” Spacher said. “In fact, listening to our customers is probably the reason Fee Brothers has stuck around for five generations!”

Fee Brothers Turkish Tobacco Bitters will begin shipping to retailers and distributors as of May 1, 2023, in a 5 oz format. For more information on Fee Brothers Bitters and other products, visit

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